1. Preamble
2. Product Description
3. Product availability
4. Price
5. Order
6. Payment
7. Delivery
8. Withdrawal period
9. Exchanges and returns’ conditions
10. Maintenance tips
11. Confidentiality
12. Applicable Right

The general conditions of sale apply to all orders placed on the site www.domestiqueparis.com

domestiqueparis.com reserves itself the right to modify these conditions in time. The conditions applicable to any order are those in force at the time of the placement of the order.

The online store website is www.domestiqueparis.com , whose registered office is at 33 Avenue de Saint-Ouen, Paris 75017.

  • Owners: Bastien BENY and Simon DELACOUR.
  • Creators: Bastien BENY and Simon DELACOUR.
  • Publication managers: Bastien BENY and Simon DELACOUR
  • Mail: contact@domestiqueparis.com

The persons held responsible for the publication are physical persons or moral persons. This site is published and distributed by Shopify. The conditions of use of Shopify must, in fact, be known by the users and buyers of Shopify and www.domestiqueparis.com

The purchase of a product on this website commits the customer to the acceptance of the general conditions of sale. As a result, these general conditions of sale do not require any handwritten signature by the customer.

The products sold on the website www.domestiqueparis.com are shown with one or more pictures and a descriptive text.

Bastien BENY and Simon DELACOUR undertake that these pictures are as faithful as possible to the products but can in no way engage their responsibility on any eventual different perception of the products by the buyer.

Products sold on the website www.domestiqueparis.com are deemed available to the extent that the indications “unavailable”, "out of stock" or "sold out" are not mentioned. However, availability may vary in the same day depending on the level of sales. Persons in charge of updating the availability do it as fast as they possibly can. However, they cannot be held responsible if the stock is no longer the same as indicated.

In case of unavailability, an email will be sent to the customer to inform him. The customer can then request a refund of the sums paid within thirty (30) days at the latest of their payment, or either exchange the unavailable product against another similar product, or the cancellation of the order.

  • No cancellation penalties will be applied for such an order cancellation.
  • No cancellation compensation – other than the full refund of the order at the latest within fourteen (14) business days – may also be requested, such unavailability resulting from the deadline for updating these unavailabilities.

The products ordered by the customer on the website will be delivered/accessible in all countries of the world.

The site is in principle accessible 24/7, except interruption – programmed or not – for maintenance needs or cases of “force majeure”.

Being in fact subjected to an obligation of means, domestiqueparis.com cannot be held responsible for any damage, whatever its nature, resulting from an unavailability of the website.

The prices of the products applied are those shown on the website and confirmed to the customer during the validation of the order.

The prices of the products are indicated in euros, and are all taxes included for Metropolitan France, excluding shipping costs ; since the VAT enforced is the one for metropolitan France on the day of the validation of the order ; which remain the responsibility of the customer except mentions or particular conditions.

Moreover, having made the choice to sell our products at the same prices everywhere in the world, the prices indicated on our website are tax free for any delivery outside metropolitan France. French VAT is not applied and therefore cannot be refunded, for a delivery at any country in which there are no export taxes.

Thus, for example, the price displayed on our website for the bracelet Linotte is 290 € TTC for a delivery in metropolitan France, and 290 € HT for any delivery in a country such as the United States, Switzerland, etc.

The amount of delivery charges in addition is indicated to the customer directly on the Delivery Page. Products remain the property of domestique until full collection of the price per domestique.

The transfer of the risks of loss and deterioration of the products will be realized after delivery and reception of the products by the customer. domestique reserves itself the right to change our prices at any time, but domestique is committed to apply the rates listed on the website at the time of your order.

We reserve ourselves the right to change our prices at any time, but we are committed to apply the rates listed on the website at the time of your order. In addition, any VAT change may be reflected on the price of the products.

In addition, any VAT change may be reflected on the price of the products.

We inform you that in case of the display of a wrong price, obviously derisory – too cheap e.g. – , whatever the reason may be – computer bug, manual error, technical error – , the order, even it was validated by us – will be cancelled. In that case, which you will be informed as soon as possible. You will then be able, if you wish, to reorder your order at the correct and exact price.

The confirmation of the order implies acceptance of the Terms stated here, the acknowledgment of having perfect knowledge and waiver of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions.

Unless proven otherwise, all data provided and the recorded confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction.

Confirmation will be worth signing and acceptance of transactions.

  • www.domestiqueparis.com will communicate per e-mail a confirmation of the registered order. The customer must check the completeness and conformity of the information provided to www.domestiqueparis.com when ordering.
  • www.domestiqueparis.com cannot be held responsible for any errors of seizure and the resulting consequences.
  • www.domestiqueparis.com reserves itself the property of the products until the complete payment of the order, that is to say, until the collection of the price of the order by domestique.
  • www.domestiqueparis.com reserves itself the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom, there is a dispute over the payment of a previous order or which would present any form of risk.

www.domestiqueparis.com accepts payments from countries around the world. Payments are made online per credit card and are fully secure thanks to Paypal and Stripe platforms. Possession of a Paypal or Stripe account is not essential: payment can be made directly on the Paypal or Stripe platform with your credit card.

The date of validation of the order corresponds to the date of payment by credit card online. The payment is validated upon receipt of additional information requested in case of payment by credit card requiring further verification.

By choosing to proceed to the payment of the products via the aforementioned payment tools, the customer agrees to read and accept the terms and conditions of www.domestiqueparis.com partner companies governing the payment tools.

www.domestiqueparis.com cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage of any kind whatsoever related to the use of these payment tools. Also, any claim/action/proceeding cannot be made against domestiqueparis.com

The products remain the property of domestique until the full payment of the price.

After validation, orders are usually dispatched within 4 to 7 business days – excluding public holidays and annual leaves – .

In mainland France, the delivery will be made by La Poste, with a tracking number for France and with the partner of La Poste for the rest of the World and Europe.

The delivery times are variable and indicative:

  • for France, from 4 to 7 days
  • for the rest of the world, from 7 to 12 days.

www.domestiqueparis.com reserves itself the right to collaborate with other providers of deliveries without prior notice to customers.

Delivery being carried out by independent contractors of domestique and within the delays announced by these service providers, domestiqueparis.com cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery due to errors or disturbances attributable to carriers – total or partial strikes including postal services and means of transport and/or communication – .

The customer is required to check the condition of the items delivered. In the presence of an apparent anomaly of the parcel – notably damaged parcel, opened parcel, traces of liquid, etc ... – , the customer or the recipient of the ordered products must not open the parcel but is invited to report it unopened within a delay of five (5) business days at a post office and to make a report.

In case of delivery delay of more than three (3) days, we advise the customer to approach his post office to ensure that his package is not pending; and if necessary, report this delay by email: contact@domestiqueparis.com

The opening of the package excludes any recourse to the carrier (La Poste, Chronopost, UPS, DHL ...). He is also invited to immediately report the problem encountered to customer service at: contact@domestiqueparis.com

The customer must report any incident of delivery to the customer service within five (5) business days of the delivery (or refusal of delivery) of the product.

Any anomaly concerning the articles – damage, missing article compared to the order form, damaged or open package, broken article, defective... – must imperatively be indicated within five (5) days of delivery. Failure to comply with the procedures above, no claim of the customer will be valid.

All products offered by www.domestiqueparis.com are subject to the legal guarantee provided by articles 1641 and following of the French Civil Code. As soon as the customer has received the product, he bears all risks of damage or loss of the product.

Shipping costs and deadlines:

In the event of a typing error, including an incorrect or incomplete delivery address, domestique cannot be held responsible for the consequences in terms of delay or impossibility of delivery.

All costs related to the return of the products due to a mistake of seizure of the customer will be the exclusive responsibility and at the charge of the customer.

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the customer has a period of seven (14) days from the reception of the order, to exercise his right of withdrawal to domestiqueparis.com.

Returns shall be made to the following address:

Société domestique
33 Avenue of Saint-Ouen
75017 Paris

The returned product must be in its original condition and packaging. It should not have been worn nor be damaged – no matter how small the damage can be – and shall be intact.
Any item not meeting these specifications will not be refunded nor exchanged.
No article can be returned or exchanged during the duration of sales and any other temporary promotions.

In the event of loss or deterioration of the returned parcel, domestique will not proceed to the refund of the order and the buyer will have to make a claim directly with his carrier.

Any exchange or return must be the subject of a request for exchange or return to domestique’s customer service, either per Post or per e-mail to: contact@domestiqueparis.com

domestique does not take over or exchange any product that has been customized at the customer's request.

In the hypothesis of the exercise of the right of retraction, the consumer has the choice to ask for either the refund of the sums paid, or the exchange of the product.

In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the seller will make every effort to reimburse the consumer within fourteen (14) days.

In the case of an exchange, it is up to the customer to handle the shipping at its own risks.

If the amount of the customer's exchange order is greater than the amount of his initial order, he can pay the difference online by credit card or PayPal. The dispatch of the exchange order of the customer is conditioned by the validation of this regulation.

If the amount of the customer's exchange order is lower than the amount of the initial order, domestiqueparis.com will make a voucher valid for one (1) year.

If the customer wants a refund of his article, he must send it back at his own expenses through Colissimo at the following address:

Société domestique
33 Avenue de Saint Ouen
75017 Paris

The customer will have to keep the proof of deposit of the parcel which will be given to him by La Poste. In case of loss of the parcel, no refund will be made by the shipping carrier without this proof of deposit.

domestique accessories are entirely handmade, they require special care.

Made partly thanks to vegetable tanned leather, from one colour bath to another, there may in fact, be slight differences, this is not a defect but attests that it is indeed a craft work.

It is important to keep your accessory away from light and moisture. Vegetable tanned calfskin is a refined and delicate leather that fears water and grease stains as well.

Never put perfume, or any cosmetic on the accessories at the risk of damaging it. We also suggest you not to sleep with your accessories, to avoid washing your hands with and avoid splash of water or liquid on the leather.

Are expressly excluded from the guarantee:

  • Normal wear and aging.
  • Damage to any part of the product resulting from improper use, neglect, negligence and accident.

Personal information related to the customers is kept confidential by domestique, which undertakes not to communicate them to a third party.

The Customer has  - Article 34 of French law of January 6, 1978 -  a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him, which he can exercise with domestique by simply mailing contact@domestiqueparis.com

This contract is subject to French law. Any dispute that may arise on the occasion of its validity, interpretation or execution will be submitted to the competent courts.

In case of persistent disagreement, the dispute will fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Paris (France) including in case of plurality of defendants.